Tapiacco field

Tasty dish tapiacco and fish curry


Victory smiles at me

Yes happiness from my heart

BecoZ of my love 

BecoZ of him only

I am appreciated by every one 

surround me, it’s prestigious moment

He made me stiff to my decision which are good for us, 

Whenever I disobey him in the name of society

He forwarded me quietly to a good world

Where I get peace, happiness 

Once more or every time becoz of him 

Now as a Teacher, my lovely students 

scored well and upgraded me to a best one in my school

I taught based on my hubby s plan, 

He arranged timetable, revised portions for me everyday 

he drew a path of success, I walked through it

Safely, happily, proudily. Thats my love 

He is my spirit and my life.

Wishing to be love and live for a long.

Thank god. Bless us