yUMMy Amla Honey – Harvest Natural Brand

Ordered two pack of amla honey . Its yummy. Actually amla was splitted and filled with honey. First time I tried Amla Honey through amazon i.e ThenNellika. Next time I found the website from the amla honey bottle labelled. While visiting their website I knew amla honey is having multiple benefits. Harvest Natural Amla Honey is best to have. The instructions to have one or two pieces of amla with honey everyday. I loved it, so I am having 3-5 or 5-6 pieces daily.

Let me share the link here – can visit those who wants to know the benefits of amla honey.


After a long days I am back

Seriously, I forgot how to create a post also !!!

Nearly 8 months I didnt come near my blog…

From last April I was at home…

Really forgot everything… whenever I remember  no time … what doing…. he he nothing

nothing useful.. simply trying to do a project.. will it reach the destination… sometimes I felt no .. but to overcome this negativity doing some yogas, mudras and trying to keep my mind peaceful and happy.

Have to recover from the loss and sadness …… decided to back on my activites….

Dont feel bad… that I am mad…

I can find a peaceful and happiness way that whatever I feel ,can write in my blog… Blessed one…


Thank you


Be as selfish what you gain

Not bothered about the value

of love and relationship.

Not considered the truth of life

Dont know what happens at

the very next moment ,

Worrying about nothing

only live as a selfish.