Feeling guilty

For whom I have agreed

For whom I have done

What I have gained

Nothing nothing

I lost my soul by killing my love

At last moment we planned to agree with parents

We know they never agree for our marriage

So I didnt open my mouth to tell the truth

And I admitted that wrong decision.

My love he cant live without me

That I know well, eventhough I killed him.

After a divorce of two months, my love is still here to receive me.

That is true love.




Be as selfish what you gain

Not bothered about the value

of love and relationship.

Not considered the truth of life

Dont know what happens at

the very next moment ,

Worrying about nothing

only live as a selfish.

Quite celebration on Thiruvonam 

Kerala,gods own country, now as a flooded country, due to the heavy flood 12 out of 14 districts of Kerala in Southern India seriously affected. Onam emphasises unity, The legendary story of Onam, shows the unity of all people,

Kallavum illa chadhiyum illa

Nellolam illa polivachanam

Maveli nadu vaneedum kalam

The flood shows the unity among the people with no discrimination, only one race as human. Yes the fishermen is the real hero’s for keralites. They are powerful people those who know the nature well. Nature here means the sea, the ocean, the waves, the depth of the sea. They didnt hestitate to start to save 1000s of affected people. 

All together common people, government, police department, defence people every one tied together and saved a lot of lives …….
Onam remeberizes the arrival of the Long Mahabali  to kerala  every year. This year definitely as per The Kings thoughts

Without lies and cheats people are unitiely celebrating onam.